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30 sqm




Margarida Pablo

Kiosk // a concept developed since 1865 with the Art Nouveau revolution in France and England, arrived in Lisbon imported from Parisian boulevards .

A meeting place, at the time around the counter itself, in the pre and post-labour hours, mainly for the social layer that lived the streets: workers, bourgeois and at weekends families in general. Seasonal drinks, some self-service at the counter. All of them with the same formal structure: base with counter, body, dome with protection and awning.

There was only one kiosk with a circular base in Lisbon, all the others corresponding to hexagonal, octagonal or quadrangular prisms. Usually the base was made of masonry and the rest was worked on carpentry and metalwork.

This kiosk brings back the possibility of using the counter, talking to the employee reactivating some neighborhood logics that we associate to these establishments. It can incorporate the terrace tables in its shell or to stretch it out along the garden.

Built of equal elements that are repeated several times so it's possible to move to another garden in the city.

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